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Headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts Incite Advisors provides strategic advice and contract development services for information businesses in the healthcare and life sciences fields. We operate at the intersection of business strategy, data science, and web technology; with a particular emphasis on development and deployment of systems based on NoSQL databases. For additional information on Incite Advisors, Inc. email or find us at



Clinical Trials

Nightly download and index clinical trials from Continuously monitor and trigger alerts based on new trials or changes to existing trial history. Massively index by disease, drug, sponsor, investigator, key dates, and more.

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Research Investigators

Nightly download and disambiguate clinical trial researchers from multiple publicly available web sites including FDA, CMS, and CTgov. Using this data we build activity profiles for participation in clinical trials based on disease, sponsor, geography and other research attributes.

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Drug Names

Extract interventions from more than 145,000 clinical trials and disambiguate drug names using more than 70 million substance and compound aliases found at PubChem. Cross-referencing this information with established literature archives such as the Therapeutic Target Database we are able to build consensus names for drug references. Consensus drug names improve the quality and value of pipeline and aggregate reporting of pharmaceutical drug pipelines.

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World Cities

Using the “Basic” World Cities database as a reference, we cleanse mis-typed and ambiguous city and state names to provide latitude and longitude coordinates for all database addresses. We use these coordinates to geographically sort results sites from a reference location.

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BasePath LLC

We provided end-to-end web development service to aid the creation of BasePath™, a mobile app platform that allows doctors and others to easily create and customize apps to extend enterprise health IT systems like EHR's — without programming.

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